Called 2015 – Shark Tank Session 1

Today’s evening the Called NAD Ministerial Convention closed with the evangelism Shark Tank.

Wow !!! What a great way to see innovative, creative, passionate new ideas to do evangelism. I can see this as a program that even local churches can do to get young and old sharing their ideas for evangelism and working together as a Church to make it happen.

Even thought there is a ranking from 1st to 5th place each night. Each presenter and representing Church comes out a winner, which is a great way of saying that each effort matters to Jesus.

Personally I am proud to see the widely varying ideas today

  1. Prison Ministry #breakin, a powerful way to reach inmates, even the ones on death row and reach not only them, but their families and children by being there for them and showing compassion
    (1st prize winner)
  2. Vibrant! Creative! Quality! Family Ministry, a very creative family ministry bringing bible stories to live in the events to bring to the community
    (3rd prize winner)
  3. Missional Small Groups, giving each small group the challenge to work on a mission or missions together
    (2nd prize winner)
  4. Coach Connect, bringing coaches to health evangelism
    (4th prize winner)
  5. The mission is possible, changing the way we reach the Hispanic community and generations through evangelistic outreach
    (5th prize winner)


Shark Tank Idea from NAD Ministerial Called Convention

Posting the information below from the NAD Ministerial website about this great idea. This is great, lets be creative, innovative and do more of this.

A huge highlight of the Called Ministerial Convention
in Austin is the Evangelism Shark Tank, which will take
place at 9:15 PM every night of the Convention.

…going back home to your family and church inspired and equipped to be a super Spouse, the best Parent, and the exceptional Pastor God created you to be.

…being re-empowered to live your life with the priorities of Jesus, showing His grace for humanity and His compassion for all creation daily, becoming His Eyes, Heart, Hands and Feet in your world.

…presenting one of the most creative and potentially effective outreach initiatives, during the Evangelism Shark Tank contest and earning one of the prizes, which will be given out every night of the Convention (1st Place: $20,000.00 – 2nd Place: $10,000.00 – 3rd Place: $5,000.00 – 4th Place: $3,000.00 – 5th Place: $2,000.00). These funds would be committed to assisting your church or your district in the implementation of your creative Evangelism initiative. For more information, please click here:

…a new beginning, hitting the reset button, with God’s promise “Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.”

Can’t wait to see you in Austin!

Jose Cortes Jr., M.Div.
NAD Associate Ministerial Director for Evangelism

Called to be Innovative Evangelists

Just arrived at the NAD Ministerial Pastors Convention in Austin, Texas. With the theme “Called” I am thrilled to write this first blog entry with a mission for creative and innovative evangelism. We are CALLED to be Innovative Evangelists, Innovative Pastors, Innovative Lay Ministers. We are CALLED to use all the resources Jesus makes available to us.

Have you ever thought of using your mobile device to connect to other, of course you have, this is part of our generation now, but what about newer technologies such as the Fitbit, is there a health ministry application of using the Fitbit ? I would say YES there is and we should not wait to find creative ways to use technology in our ministries and evangelism.

In the evenings there will be the Shark Tank where selected ministers from around the world will present innovative Evangelism and Outreach initiatives for their churches.

Ellen G White says in her book “Lift Him Up” writes that God’s Creative Energy Upholds the Universe… The same creative energy that brought the world into existence is still exerted in upholding the universe and continuing the operations of nature. The hand of God guides the planets in their orderly march through the heavens. It is not because of inherent power that year by year the earth continues her motion round the sun and produces her bounties. The word of God controls the elements. He covers the heavens with clouds and prepares rain for the earth. He makes the valleys fruitful and “grass to grow upon the mountains” (Psalm 147:8) – Lift Him Up p. 56

CALLED is going to be a blessing and I will keep you up to date on what’s happening.